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Work & Residence Categories

Skilled Migrant
If you have the skills, qualifications and experience needed and want to live in New Zealand permanently this would be a good option.

Work to Residence
You can get a temporary work visa as a step towards residence. Applicants may be qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand, or may have exceptional talent in sports or the arts.

Silver Fern
This policy is designed to bring young skilled people into New Zealand for nine months to search for skilled employment. There will be a limit of 300 places per year for applicants with a recognised qualification ages
20 – 35yrs.

Working Holiday Scheme
New Zealand has lots of short-term work opportunities for working holidaymakers. There is a great range of seasonal and temporary work opportunities, you might want to experience life in one of our bigger cities, or you might want to spend time in parts of New Zealand that are off the beaten ‘tourist’ track.