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On Shore - Essential Skills and Partnership Work Visa – Skilled Migrant PR on shore

Hi Lynette,

Just want to let you know how happy I am with the help and assistance you provided during my Residence application.

Your service from start to finish was exemplary and on a professional yet friendly level . Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I was made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

Thank you very much for your help!

Minu & Family
Ex - India

Off Shore – Talent Work Visa and on-shore Skilled Migrant PR

Our relationship with New Zealand Immigration started five years ago when we first applied on-line for our Expression of Interest (EOI). After several years of putting things together and taking the IELTS which for whatever reason they required us to take, we got our Work to Residence (WTR) visa. Unfortunately, We didn't get a job offer until my work visa expired. We did not give up continued applying for work on-line and eventually got a job offer from Vector Ltd. through Orgias Consulting.

Mr. Dick Orgias, introduced us to Ms. Lynette Bird. She has been helping us way before we even got her to be our immigration adviser, willingly and patiently answering our queries. She was able to secure a work visa in a month's time. We were so amazed how this lady, thousands of miles away from us and who does not know us spend her time and give us expert advice even without the assurance that we will get her as an adviser. From this incident alone we can say that she is not working just to earn money but to really help people like us.

Migrating to another country with your whole family is a major and tough matter to undertake. We will need all the knowledge, insights and wisdom to this and the best and only way to gain all these is to get the experts in this field. And Ms. Lynette Bird is the inimitable expert that you could possibly get. After personally meeting and talking to this feisty and brilliant lady, we could only say that we made the right choice. Aside from delivering the resident visa within two months, she gave an extra mile of her time and expertise that is way beyond immigration issues, from the simple pleasures of where to buy good sausages in New Zealand to the complicated world of obtaining chartership in engineering. As a fellow migrant herself, she is full of empathy and compassion to her clients.

With Bird Immigration, you did not only gain a New Zealand visa but also a FRIEND.

It is stated in the New Zealand Immigration website that there is not much difference in the processing time whether you do it yourself or you get an immigration advisor. But in our experience, there is a big difference. It is indeed much faster for Lynette to get our resident visa than for our boxes from the Philippines to arrive here in New Zealand. Also, knowing that an experienced advisor is dealing with all the nitty gritty preparations of your application and supporting documents, surely there will be no sleepless nights. We never imagined that applying for our resident visa will be a walk in the park with Lynette around.

Thank you Lynette for being part of making our dream come true. God bless.

Best Regards.

David Family
(Lawrence, Ma. Leyda, Lou Danielle, Louise Agatha, Stephen Lawrence & John Lawrence David)
Ex - Philippines

Off shore - Partnership Work Visa

I came across Bird Immigration's webpage while searching for help. Help that was desperately needed to help me and my fiancé figure out the complexity that is NZ Immigration.

I am Indian and my fiancé (now wife) is Kiwi and after having endured a long distance relationship, we decided to finally be in one country. We tried to study the Immigration rules and decide what we needed to do, and needless to say, we were thoroughly confused. We looked around for people who could help, and could find nobody who knew what they were talking about. Everybody wanted to sell us services we didn't need. There were others who would suggest alternatives that from the very beginning seemed and sounded fishy.

Just when we were getting despondent, I found Lynette's website, and on this very testimonials page, read Ragini's testimonial, who happens to be my friend's wife. That was the trigger, for me to write to Lynette with my case details. And today, i finally have my much treasured work visa, and i have to admit, me and my wife - grown adults, did do a kiddy jig, just because we were so happy.

It’s been such a roller coaster ride, but we did go in prepared, with Lynette by our side. We finally had someone who knew the rules. Who knew what she was talking about and what was possible. She will call a spade a spade, which is good because she would not give us false hope and told us things the way they were. But in the same vein, when we did have a strong case, she fought tooth and nail for us.

Lynette, Kristy and I cannot thank you enough for your diligence, strength, sense of humour and compassion. There is no way we could have made it without you. Our relationship started out as professional, but today we count you in our friend, and our blessings.

I have no qualms in recommending Bird Immigration to anybody who has a legitimate immigration case.

Achan Bedi
Ex - India

On Shore - Talent Work Visa & Skilled Migrant Residence

When someone migrate to a different country , they come with hopes as well uncertainties. Well same happened to us me (Geetanajli) and my husband (Anshul) along with 3yr daughter Gurusha when we came to New Zealand.

We both are Engineer and have good experience in our respective fields. By choice I finished my IT studies and got a job in the ICT Sector. By then we were looking for some legal advice to help us through immigration matters related to Residency . At that time we got in touch with Lynette Bird of Bird Immigration by one of our close friend (there case was successfully handled by her) . Well that gave us lot of confidence in her and We finally nominated Bird immigration as our Immigration Legal Advisor .Bird Immigration took our case and took all worries from us and helped us sail through smoothly through rough winds . Bird immigration gave us all the right advise and confidence to move ahead with our case . We finally got our Residency all in time .So any time if I have to recommend any Advisor “Bird Immigration” would be the name. Heaps of thanks to Lynette Bird who worked on our case and made it possible for our dreams to settle in this country come true.

Thanks for the new beginning.


Geetanjali & Anshul
Ex - India

On Shore – Long Term Skills shortage Work Visa & Skilled Migrant Residence

Dear Lynette,
Thank you so much for your excellent support for my Work Visa and full filling my dream to be a NZ Resident. Without your help, it would have been a lot stressful and complicated dealing with my applications.

After our very first chat, I felt much relaxed and I got the impression that I'm in safe hands. Your really eased my concerns and I was able to move forward with my job leaving behind the worries with you.

You were always a phone call away and during the entire process, I felt like I am dealing with an elder sister. It was that easy and comfortable.

I know that my case was complicated, but you LANDED ME SAFELY as a NZ Resident.

Thanks very much for accepting my friend's case and from my experience, I m sure that, you will give him a SAFE LANDING too. I would strongly recommend you to my friends who need Immigration advice.

Once again Thanks very much for all that support, love and care you gave me. Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.


Ex - India

On shore – Skilled migrant

Relocating from Singapore to New Zealand was a major decision for me and my family. I couldn’t have made it without Lynette Bird.

Lynette was recommended to me by my employment consultant when I was offered an immediate employment in New Zealand. Within a short period of time I had to get my work visa approved and move to New Zealand. I had little knowledge about NZ immigration therefore was completely lost when I encountered obstacles getting my documents through to the New Zealand Immigration in Singapore.

I called Lynette she is friendly and very knowledgeable explaining to me the immigration procedures and gave me the assurance and confidence that she could get my work visa done in New Zealand before my first day of work. As a new comer who just arrived in New Zealand, she went beyond her call of duty, gave me valuable advice and assisted my family to settle in fast. She is very hardworking and a professional. She kept me posted regularly on my work visa status and shortly we received our passports with the visa. Thank you Lynette!

My family’s Permanent Resident application went through smoothly without any hassle. She gathered all the required documents and I had no worries just relax and wait. In just a few months we received out Residency approval.

I would highly recommend Lynette to anyone who needs professional assistance in immigration.

Irene Ong
Design Estimator
From Singapore

On shore – Skilled migrant (Talent)

Initially, we were tempted to try and complete our applications ourselves, on-line, from South Africa. That was until we were completely lost in the quagmire of information both needed and provided by the official NZIS website. At the same time a number of our friends had their various applications rejected, in most cases because of them misinterpreting some small yet important detail of what was officially required.

After extensive analysis of the many agencies out there, we were most fortunate to be put into touch with Lynette. The service has always been exceptionally professional yet friendly, and from day one we knew that we made the right choices in both deciding not to try and do it alone and by engaging with Lynette.

Time and again, we were reminded of important documents or issues that we would never have thought about. At all stages during the process we were kept up to date as to the status of our application. The help and advice (and not only with regards to immigration) provided has proved to be invaluable, and it has been great to know that there is one less thing to stress about in a period where you really can’t afford to make a mistake. From the time that we gave Lynette our final required documents to lodge our work permit applications to the time we got the prized blue sticker in our passports – 2 DAYS! Now we are waiting for the prized Permanent Residence sticker!

We have our permanent residence!
Great stuff - now we no longer have that sword of Damocles hanging over us. You are a super star!

We can strongly recommend that a) you do not try and do this process yourself – there is too much at stake and b) use Lynette for your immigration needs, you will not look back!

Dudley, Angela and Zak Maritz
Ex - South Africans

Permanent Residence – Partnership Policy

I applied for Permanent Residency in New Zealand via Lynette at Bird Immigration. I must say I couldn't have done it without her!

My permit came through without any hassles and was surprisingly speedy, which was a great bonus. Absolutely everything was taken care of by Lynette. Her friendly yet professional approach really made my life easier. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a strong understanding of all laws and regulations related to Immigration.

I would very highly recommend Lynette to any future applicants. Thank you Lynette and Bird Immigration for making it all happen!

Ragini Kulkarni
Ex – India

On shore - Skilled Migrant Work Permit

We appointed you because we heard about your immigration service from a friend and decided to change our immigration agent.

You provided additional assistance by helping us a lot with the reworking of our CV`s , all the information and of course the employer liaison. Your help and information made the paper work easier for the employer. During the process we felt absolutely secure in you and your knowledge.

It is very difficult to make the immigration work by our own when you are new in a country and you don`t know everything of the immigration law. An immigration adviser is absolutely helpful because she/he knows a lot of things about all the details.

We thought the process would take 4 -6 weeks and we were surprised that we get our visas after 3 weeks.

Thanks Lynette! You were there for us - we would call you every time. You had an open ear for our problems and you cheered us up when we are down.

Markus &Anya Weyel
Ex - Germany

On Shore – Skilled Migrant (Long Term Skills Shortage)

Hi Lynette,

You are absolutely brilliant. You got me a visa in days rather than the 6-8 weeks that it would have taken me if I tried to do it solo.

From the moment of our first meeting you put me at ease about the whole immigration process. It had seemed so daunting until I met you. All I had to do was give you the documents and you took care ofthe rest.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and I will recommend you to anyone who plans to live and work in New Zealand.

All the best and thanks again, Jason

Don't hesitate to contact me if there is ever anything I can do for you.

Kindest Regards,

Ex - Ireland

Off Shore – Student visa and on-shore Essential Skills and Skilled Migrant PR

Thank you so much for all your help and information in assisting me with my case. I would be happy if I can share my information with whomever wants to a get New Zealand visa, and I will definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to go through visa application without any stress and hazard.

Personally I chose to have an agent because I know even little information which I may not notice would be useful in any visa application and by having an agent she/he might give you this opportunity to have a more smooth and strong case. When I decided to pick an agent I went through the immigration website and started contacting them about my case, but when I contacted you and asked you my questions, you were patiently answered all my questions in a shortest time. After I talked to you I felt more confident and relax , you gave me all information that I needed and helped me to pick the best option which I really appreciate for that. Thank you so much again for helping me to get my visa easily in a really short time.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Kind Regards

Lena Karimzadeh
Ex - Iran

Off Shore – Skilled Migrant

We first met with Bird Immigration late on in our one year’s work permit, by which time we had decided to stay, Lynette arranged our two year permits within weeks. We then decided that we did not wish to return to the UK, Lynette then helped me and my family through the residency procedure. No matter what was required during each stage, Bird Immigration advised us to a speedy happy conclusion.

In my capacity in construction management, I come across many consultants who claim to know the best way forward but the difference is plain, Bird Immigration do know the best way forward and me and my family can highly recommend them to guide any one through the immigration process.

Yours Faithfully

Michael Bradley
Ex – Scotland

On/Off Shore Skilled Migrant – Work Permit & Permanent Residence Visa

Having completed the EOI myself and being selected and then invited to apply for residency by INZ I was conscious of the importance of getting my application correct, and was nervous about completing the application on my own. After making a few calls to some Agencies and not being very impressed by their approach or their unwillingness to process just the application for residency, I came across Bird Immigration via a search on the internet. The website looked professional but had a personal touch which I liked, hence, I gave you a call. I was impressed with the initial conversation and the fact that you didn't try to 'hard sell' your services. Your costs seemed reasonable and after our initial meeting I felt confident you would do a good job.

You kindly put me in touch with a Recruitment Agent who assisted me in reworking my CV to suit the NZ job market and tried to assist me in finding a suitable role. I felt confident you knew exactly what was required of me for both the PR and the work permit applications. Also, I felt reassured at every step in the process. You were contactable and very approachable. When I had to return to the UK urgently I was concerned my PR would take longer than had previously been mentioned. However, it took even less time. I am extremely happy with the outcomes. I achieved a work permit and have now been approved for PR. Both brought a big smile to my face and enabled me to achieve the outcomes I was/am planning to achieve in my life

I would definitely recommend going through an immigration adviser. However, I would advise against going through the bigger Migration Agency companies as you tend not to get the quality of service as you do from smaller Agencies. Here are some of the benefits I identified:- Peace of mind knowing throughout the process I had an expert guiding me. Clear direction right from the start. Regular updates on progress of applications. The personal touch. Quality of service. Invaluable experience and knowledge of the process.

Thank you so very much for all your efforts. You have been fantastic throughout the entire process. I am so pleased I chose you as my Immigration Consultant you far exceeded my expectations.

Teresa Davy
Project Manager
Ex - United Kingdom

Off Shore – Talent Work Visa

When I received a job offer from a New Zealand company, they referred me to Lynette for assistance with my work visa. Well thank goodness for that ! Lynette guided us step by step through the process of applying for our work and student visas.

Every time we thought that we had hit a dead-end, Lynette had the answer and provided the support to get us to the next point. We would never have got through the mountain of documentation that we needed to submit without her.

We have since arrived in New Zealand and Lynette is always available to answer our questions and address our concerns. We have begun our PR application and she is once again very caringly leading us through this process.

The whole process of moving to a new country and dealing with immigration departments is so stressful, but having someone with Lynette’s experience and expertise makes it so much easier and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is planning to begin this process. You simply can’t do it alone.

Robin and Debbie
Ex - South African

Off Shore – Work Visa

“Lynette Bird was recommended to me by the New Zealand Company that offered me employment. Having crossed the first hurdle of getting a job the Work Visa seemed an even higher obstacle to climb. However, Lynette's experience and expertise guided us through.

Her step by step instructions are clear and easily followed. It takes a little time pulling together all the documentation required, particularly if you have moved house a few times and miss placed your certificates etc. Nevertheless, the advice I was given proved invaluable.

Perhaps the most significant suggestion made to me was to physically take my documentation down to New Zealand House in London and wait in line! Be there early as New Zealand is in great demand!! Would you believe it! I took my documents in on the Friday, on the Saturday we had a card through the door telling us that the Royal Mail had tried to deliver a recorded letter whilst we were out. The card suggested that we could pick the letter up at the Post Office on Monday morning. Off I went at lunch time to collect the letter and there inside the envelope was my passport with a visa !!

We have no hesitation in recommending Lynette.”

Ian Turner
Director of Operations - The North Shore Amateur Swimming Club Inc
Ex - United Kingdom

On Shore – Skilled Migrant Permanent Residence

When we decided to leave South Africa to relocate to New Zealand we had little knowledge of the process. We contacted an immigration agency in SA to assist us, but once in NZ we received very little support from them.

We would have been completely lost had it not been for Lynette, whom we got it contact with over here. She has proper knowledge of the process and immediately took charge of the situation. Due to circumstances, we put her under a lot of pressure to arrange work- and student permits just days before our visitors visas expired. She came through for us every time.

During our permanent residence application she kept us posted at all times and went beyond her duties to get us settled in. We are glad to say that only a few months later we can sit back and relax with our permanent residence finalised.

To leave your country, friends and family behind and move to a new country are very difficult and traumatic things to go through. We would advise any aspiring immigrants to get a specialist like Lynette Bird to assist them with the transition and process. Having the support of someone who knows the ropes can make all the difference, and we would recommend Bird Immigration to anybody in need of professional assistance.

Philip, Stef and Talita Calitz
South African Kiwi’s

On Shore – Accredited employer

In the beginning of application for work permits in New Zealand, one actually easily gets much confused about its rules in reading Immigration New Zealand web pages. However, one little bit mistake might just take a long process to address the problems occurred from filling out the forms.

Being a new kid in town, you can actually have two options, either go for yourself or go to a reliable agent who can assist you with his or her passion & knowledge. After my careful consideration, I sincerely recommend Lynette is one of best persons to deal with all those issues. Her efficiency really shakes you up and this lady is so friendly that you just follow what she instructs you to get all necessary information, then it goes on and relax yourself.

Lynette's cheerful smile plus her insight regarding the regulation of Immigration New Zealand really eases your worries and concern. I get her contact through a recruitment lady and finally I am pretty happy for the result. People might be wondering that spending couple few hundred dollars seems to become one of concern, once you land your feet in Auckland. Yes, we all know that! The point here is that service is worthwhile, then you go for that! For Lynette's service, I have no doubt to recommend her to any new comer with respect to all the immigration issues.


On-Shore – Exception to policy

Lynette Bird from Bird Immigration Limited has dealt with all my applications such as visitor's permits and visas and also a very special application for “Exception to policy - exceptional circumstances”.

She has proved herself to be extremely hardworking, knowledgeable and prompt. She is very professional and has great knowledge regarding all rules and regulations pertaining to the immigration rules and procedures.

Thank you so much Lynette for all your help and the professional manner in which you had dealt with my "extremely" difficult case.

I can highly recommend Bird Immigration to any future applicants.

Eileen Booysen
Ex - South Africa

On Shore – Permanent Residence Skilled Migrant

Please accept our greatest appreciation for your wonderful support, time, energy and ideas which fulfil our dream to be New Zealand residents.

We are also aware that without your skills, persistence and determined efforts our case would not have been that easy.

Now that we consider ourselves settled residents, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone embarking on the difficult process of immigration.

May we prevail upon you to extend our heartfelt thanks to you and trust that you will continue your excellent work far into the future.

Love Birds

Swaran Katal & Garima Luthra
Ex - India

On Shore/Off Shore - Family Category

We were endeavoring to consolidate our family unit in New Zealand by joining our two sons who had become skilled migrant category residents with attained sponsorship status.

We firmly believed that as parents we would qualify for residency under the family category, this being our only option as we were both too old to apply as skilled migrants.

With the courage of our convictions we bought a property in New Zealand and continued to live here several months each year as British visitors are permitted to do so.

As we approached the end of the 3 year sponsorship qualifying period we had acquired another close family member living with us who had no qualifications for residency.

At the appropriate time we applied, along with an application for the third person with an accompanying letter asking for an exception to the rules to be granted.

This request was refused. Fortunately our applications were accepted for processing within a 12 to 18 months timeframe, having initially being told 6 months.

At this point we were at a very low ebb. Our confidence had been seriously affected by the loss of a family member. We were also faced with another spell back in UK.

The feeling that all our hopes for a new life were imperiled by the result of our application hung around tormenting us constantly.

As we faced the future with a feeling of trepidation we decided to seek help. Thankfully we were recommended to approach Bird Immigration for the professional advice that we needed.

Lynette not only has the attributes and knowledge of the professional adviser, but also has the skill and understanding for dealing with the stress induced issues of the mind caused by the worry and insecurity of dealing with these matters.

During the following months Lynette restored our confidence and chaperoned our applications during our ensuing 6 months in the UK.

The constant progress reports and messages of encouragement that she sent us kept us in focus during this period.

Within 24 hrs of our return to New Zealand Lynette informed us that our applications were approved and being finalised.

We would strongly recommend Lynette in dealing with all Immigration matters as she is uniquely in touch with the humanity that lies within the rules and regulations.

A rare BIRD ( Such eloquence! )

Alan & Margaret Carter
Ex – United Kingdom

On shore - Work Visa - special circumstances

At a time when I had already decided to leave the country and go back to Europe, after a long and stressful phase of trying to settle in New Zealand, Lynette and my path crossed. In no time she managed to turn my not so promising situation around into all I could ever ask for - a work permit to start with and my permanent residency only a few months later.

From our first chat on the phone I had the feeling to be in the best hands. Lynette understood all my worries and knew how to calm down my churning emotions. In her very professional and emphatic way she assured me week by week that everything would work out well. She also helped my employer to understand the process of securing a work permit for a migrant worker and went the extra mile when she assisted the company in getting the paperwork done.

It was invaluable to have somebody at my side who helped me answer the many questions I had in regards to the immigration process and to solve the many little issues one encounters along the way to a successful settlement. Lynette worked magic and changed my life for the better. When I finally got the courier bag with my passport and the much longed for sticker I felt like dancing on the ceiling.

I can only highly recommend Lynette as an Immigration Advisor for her dedication, professionalism, and also for her delightful sense of humour, a personal touch I wouldn´t want to go without in stressful and emotional challending times.

Ex - Germany

Off Shore - Work Visa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for dealing with our family visa application as we couldn't have completed this without you!!!

Having to think about applying for a visa for a family of 5 was a massive stress until you were appointed to take care of the procedure for us.

After speaking to you we were never in any doubt that our family visa would be through in time for the timescale we provided you and we really appreciate the time you took to always be there to answer any questions and keep us on the right track to obtaining the visa.

We are now setting off for NZ and I look forward to catching up with you for further advice.

Again you were a fantastic guide and support to us throughout this process and we really appreciate everything you done for us.

Gordon Forrest
Football Development Manager - Northern Football Federation
Ex Scotland

Off & on shore - Talent Work Visa

During our 3 1/2 years in New Zealand, our family of five has had various visa situations to address. In each instance, Lynette from Bird Immigration has been extraordinarily helpful and professional. She is thorough and well informed about immigration and visa procedures. Lynette maintains an open line of communication throughout the process and is just a phone call away to answer any questions or ease concerns. We had some unusual circumstances arise and Lynette sorted out our visas quite efficiently. Her expertise was greatly appreciated and we will certainly turn to her should we require additional visas during our time here. We would not hesitate to recommend Bird Immigration to anyone in need of immigration assistance.

Thank you, Lynette, for your guidance and support!

Ex - USA

On shore - Talent

Dear Lynette

From the bottom of my heart I really appreciate all the help you have extended to me as my immigration adviser in facilitating the approval of my application for permanent residency. Actually, you made me feel that you're a friend as well.>/p>

I can't think of any shortcomings in the way you handled my case and was very satisfied with the quality of service you have provided. You are highly professional and have done your tasks in a very timely and effective manner. Aside from being a good morale booster on the days when I was down and feeling impatient while waiting on the result and complying with immigration's additional requirements.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends and acquaintances, if they would need an immigration adviser.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavor as immigration adviser and of course in your personal life as well.

Ex - Philippines

On shore – Essential Skills Work Visa and on-shore Skilled Migrant PR

One of our very close friend referred Lynette to me, but I am made my Final Decision after meeting her. She was so Supportive and Helpful, I felt so relaxed after giving my papers to her. I had believe that I have made right decision and Lynette exceeded my expectations.

After giving my documents to Lynette I forgot about the stress and she did everything after. Three months after submitting my full documents I got my residency. It was so quick and that relieved my family's stress as well.

I would advise other migrants to use Lynette as an immigration adviser, she is awesome

Ranjan Bimbra
Ex - India