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Business Catagories

Business Immigration

The Business Immigration policy allows people with business experience to enter New Zealand to develop business opportunities.

Investor Categories
Requires investment funds of at least NZD 2,000,000
Brief requirements for the Investor Category
Key Requirements Investor Plus Investor 2
Maximum Age No requirement 65 or younger
Business experience No requirement Minimum of three years
Investment funds Invest NZ$10 million in NZ for three years Invest NZ$1.5 million in NZ for four years
Settlement funds No requirement NZ$1 million (transfer not required)
English Language
Principal applicant
No requirement English speaking background or Testing report (IELTS) - overall band of three or more
English Language Family member's No requirement Same as principal applicant or pre-purchase ESOL tuition
Minimum time in New Zealand 73 days in NZ in each of the last two years of the three-year investment period 146 days in NZ in each of the last three years of the four-year investment period
Health and character Applicants under both categories must meet health and character requirements

After running your business for two years you may be eligible to apply for New Zealand Residence as an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneur Residence

This category is for applicants who have successfully established a business in New Zealand that can be shown to be of benefit to New Zealand. Criteria must be met regarding shareholding and personal employment. Those who have been involved in bankruptcy, fraud or financial impropriety or in a business failure in the last five years may not apply.

Principal applicants must achieve an English standard of IELTS, band 5. Non-principal applicants may pre-purchase English language tuition if they cannot achieve that level.

Long-term Business Visa

A three-year Work Visa to provide sufficient time to move to New Zealand and commence your business prior to applying for New Zealand Residence.

Long Term Business Visa

The aim of the Long Term Business Visa category is to attract migrants who have been operating their own business and wish to establish a similar business in New Zealand, thereby contributing to New Zealand's economic development.

This is a temporary work visa for 3 years allowing self-employment in New Zealand. You need to own at least 25% of the shareholding of a business. You need to be actively involved in the management and operation of the business.

You may either establish a new business, or buy an existing business.

Minimum Requirements

  • Owned and operated a business overseas relevant to the proposed NZ business
  • Investment funds to provide the capital required for your proposed business, and in addition, sufficient funds to support yourself and your family for three years.
  • A business plan outlining your proposed business, suppliers, customers, proposed marketing, staff, required assets and financial forecasts. How the business will benefit New Zealand e.g.:exporting, introducing new skills and/or products, employment of additional staff, etc.
  • A good understanding of the New Zealand business environment in relation to your proposed business. Focusing particularly on such matters as size and nature of your target markets,demand for your proposed goods or services including any legislative or other requirements, etc.
  • You must state whether you have been involved in bankruptcy or business failure within the last 5 years
  • English standard of IELTS, band 5.
  • Be in good health
  • Be of good character

If you will have read the minimum required criteria and want further information please email us.